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Not all of those retailers are employing the same social media strategy that RadioShack is using as it announced a fire sale. Take the example of apparel retailer American Apparel. Here is a recent tweet from that company. Happy Memorial Day from Downtown Los Angeles #AmericanApparel pic.twitter.com/xBexsMp7Rf - American Apparel (@americanapparel) May 29, 2017 What American Apparel doesn't really signal in the company's social media tweets: It closed the company's U.S. store fleet earlier this year, as well as the company's L.A. headquarters. Gildan Activewear (gil) paid $88 million for the brand and some manufacturing equipment, but not the physical stores. But on Twitter (twtr) , American Apparel is keen to tout fashion, not store fixtures. The chain has published tweets that highlighted deep discounts—touting an 80% sale in late March and a promotion for $3 kids gear a few weeks earlier.

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How Retail Landlords Could Benefit from Bebe Stores Closings

How will the landlords benefit from this arrangement? Matthew Harding: You think of a retailer or business that is filing bankruptcy, either they file for Chapter 11 and reorganize, or they file for Chapter 7 and liquidate. Here the facts don’t really match that. Bankruptcy negotiations can be a protracted process with an uncertain outcome. Bebe was not as financially stressed as some other retailers that have filed for bankruptcy. The company had more to offer landlords when effectively buying out their leases; by saying, “Hey, if we go through bankruptcy you may just get pennies on the dollar. If we work out a deal you’ll get something more than that.” They were able to convince landlords to do that. There probably were objections that a landlord could have made, “Hey, is this retailer really a valid candidate for the bankruptcy process and the bankruptcy court?” That is not an easy process, either. That could have been a protracted argument, certainty.

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