The Best Advice For Deciding On Crucial Aspects In Women Fashion

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For spring/summer, the suiting comes oversized and masculine in shades of tan, pink, olive green and navy. Jet-setters should check out the non-crease Suit To Travel In. Made of high-twist wool, it springs back from scrunching and is available in turquoise, navy, damson and bottle green. Self-Portrait View more! Central Saint Martins alumnus Han Chongs mission is to provide womenswear that is as accessible as it is special. In other words: not too expensive.Cocktail dresses are where his label excels but the statement shirts, smart trousers and lace skirts are welcome party alternatives. The bridal collection (for the alternative bride) offers ivory gowns adhering to Chongs signature aesthetic of guipure lace and interesting cuts. Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge are fans. Roland Mouret View more!

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