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“We are trying to reposition ourselves,” Sriram says. “Not only are we supporting Indian corporates and trade across jurisdictions and geographies, we are trying to diversify our portfolio in most of those countries by looking after the local business.” That seems a big ask, putting it in competition with the likes of HSBC and Citi. But Sriram argues the bank has been there so long and its clients have localized themselves so intensively that it is achievable.  “We are today recognized much more as a local bank than an Indian bank,” he says. “We have the benefit of 30, 40, 50 years of experience in running banks in these countries. We want to leverage our position to do more local business as well.” Sriram says the bank’s international portfolio today is worth about $40 billion, the biggest components of which are trade finance and loan credit, worth $16 billion to $17 billion apiece. In the loan business, 60% now goes to local rather than India-based businesses. “So the mix has ชุดผ้าปูที่นอนราคาถูกโรงเกลือ changed,” he says. The overall ambition is to push international banking from 15% of the total book, where it is today, to 20% over the next three years. Doing so requires bringing all international businesses up to a common standard. “Instead of saying that you’ll get 10% return on equity across the board internationally, where some deliver 18% and others get 5% or 6%, we are trying to make sure that each one lives up to its potential,” he says.  Additionally the bank hopes to use its correspondent banking relationships – “something we have nurtured over the years” – as a source of leverage into local markets.  Internationally the bank operates out of regional hubs in Hong Kong, Dubai, Frankfurt, the UK and US, and has what it calls ‘neighbourhood’ operations, meaning Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and others in the immediate area around India.  But growth is coming in newer areas.

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