Background Guidelines On Recognising Necessary Elements For Nightwear

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The security forces would have had no idea it was being smuggled in unless someone had tipped them off, which clearly did not happen. It is unlikely that VX was made in Malaysia - it is not something that can be made safely in a kitchen sink. Of course, we don't know for sure that North Korea made it and it is also possible they may have purchased it from a third country. There is both a US and Soviet/Russian version of VX - and it will be interesting to see which version was eventually used. It would take sophisticated laboratory analysis to tell them apart - which may already be done. VX is extremely stablelike oil, it does not evaporate quickly. That made the VX safe on a cloth or some other surface until it touched human skin. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption VX, seen here in a container held by a US Army chemical school instructor, is a clear amber-coloured and oily liquid But this use of VX, unheard of previously, is a serious violation of international standards. The fact that it was used in a foreign country means that Malaysia and other countries will be both appalled and furious. Of key importance will be how China responds.